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Vergenoegd Experience – Runner Ducks And Delicious Food



We are so lucky to have so many amazing wine farms in Cape Town and discovering a new one is always exciting. We got to spend Tuesday at a newly renovated one called Vergenoegd. From the very unassuming entrance it holds a few gems and it was so great to experience them with an awesome bunch of people.

What I loved about Vergenoegd is that there are so many things to do and the atmosphere is homely and relaxed which is great if you are bringing your kids as well. Spending a whole day there is quite easy and something I would actually suggest doing!

Here are some things you can do while visiting Vergenoegd

  1. Get there at 9:30 so you can see the hundreds of waddling runner ducks set of to work in the vineyards for the day to eat snails and snail eggs. It is quite a sight and its not just for fun that they do it either. By using the ducks to stop the spread of snails they don’t need to use chemicals and that is why they proudly carry a WWF biodiversity certification!
  2. They also offer a wine blending experience which is so cool and great for groups. I absolutely loved it being very much a red wine drinker myself and for R150 you can even get your blend with your own name on the label! We were lucky enough to experience the wine blending and when it came to naming our wines everyone else went the safe route and named their wine after their blogs while I decided to be funny… Long story short my wine was called Screwed because I didn’t know if it was a screw top or if you open it with a corkscrew but either way you are screwed 😛
  3. Everyone loves a good picnic and it doesn’t get better than lounging on a blanket under the trees sipping on wine and feeling like time is standing still. Chef Ryan Shell aka The Food Dude packs a mean picnic and you definitely wont leave hungry! He uses loads of fresh organic produce and the picnics get served in baskets with wooden boards to keep everything in place! I really thought it was a great idea to have a tray with space for your stemless wine or water glass because no one wants to spill any wine am I right?
  4. If you have a passion for wines then you have to do the vintage wine tasting which I actually really enjoyed although it sounded quite scary to me. The setting is amazing as well and really gets you in the mood for the older wines. If you just want to go for the regular tasting it only costs R35 and you get to taste 5 of their wines which is a great idea if you want to try before you buy!


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