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A visit to the Two Oceans Aquarium in Cape Town

Cape Town is beautiful and filled with awesome things to do and places to see ( and eat! ) but usually as locals we tend to not do any of the touristy things. Recently however Michael and I have started to explore our city through the eyes of a first time visitor and its been epic.

The Two Oceans Aquarium has been on my list of must visit again places for a while now and I was so excited to experience it as well as showing it to the rest of the world by doing a Facebook live!

The Aquarium always makes me happy and I am pretty sure everyone feels like a kid on a field trip as soon as the step through the turnstiles. A whole new world awaits you full of interesting animals, big and small!

Aquariums don’t always sit well with a lot of people but when done right like the Two Oceans it can be a place to learn about your environment and even help it! They are very much into education and conservation and they play a vital part in teaching the younger generation how to look after our oceans.

You can also do fun things like check out the touch pools and see how some of the animals like the cute penguins get fed! My favorite place though is the huge kelp forest tank where you can see exactly what our Kelp forests around the Cape Peninsula look like without setting your toes in the freezing water. Its absolutely magical and I could sit and stare at the fishes swimming around all day long!

They also have a cool new jellyfish exhibit with trippy lights and mirrors making it almost seem like something from outer space. I love jellies even though I got stung by one in Malta and it hurt like crazy!

If you feel like spending a fun day in Cape Town I would definitely suggest heading to the Waterfront and including the Aquarium!

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