Weekends Away With Old Khaki

There is nothing better for your soul than a quick weekend away when you are feeling stressed. If you live in the city its the greatest feeling to hit the open road and go off the grid for a couple of days. That is exactly what we did over Easter this year. We got in the car with some family and friends and headed off to beautiful stone cottages next to the Goukou river.


With Winter approaching the weather is getting slightly chillier and I definitely needed to ad some warm elements to my Summer focused wardrobe. Old Khaki always has stylish, well made options for outdoor style clothes so that was the first place I checked out and I am so glad! I found a pair of boots that I feel I have been dreaming about. I also got a lovely warm poncho that could also be used as a blanket.

These two elements really helped spice up outfits and the went with all my existing items as well. I love buying things I can see myself wearing and loving for a long time and I just know its going to be the case with these.



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