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West Coast National Park Flower Season


Happy Spring day to everyone in the Southern Hemisphere. I know its not the official first day of Spring but we always celebrate 1 September as Spring day here in South Africa. The flowers are out and the warm weather is on its way so I definitely have reason to be happy!

After missing it the last two years Michael and I decided to take a drive out of Cape Town to the West Coast National Park to go see the beautiful wild flowers. Its only an 80k drive and its so stunning that I always wonder why we don’t do it more often! We went during the week because its flower season on for a few weeks and we knew there would be loads of people wanted to see it before the flowers were gone. What we weren’t expecting was a long line of cars going from the entry gate all the way into the main road! We decided to skip that entrance and see if we could get in from the Langebaan side which is a bit further on. Langebaan is a pretty coastal town so we didnt mind driving through there but unfortunately due to road works we had to take so many alternative roads that it added quite a bit of time to our journey. At about 12pm we eventually got to the very empty gate on the Langebaan side and I guess it was because of all the road works but it was actually a blessing in disguise.

Instead of driving straight to Postberg we had to drive through a different extremely pretty area on the other side of the lagoon that we have never explored and where I actually took these photos. Postberg is the official flower area and is only open in the park during flower season but you are not allowed to stop there or obviously go into the fields of flowers. I totally respect that because I cant even imagine how trampled the flowers would be if everyone could just do what they wanted.

It is absolutely gorgeous to just drive through and see the large fields of white and orange with some animals like buck scattered between them. If you want to go though I would suggest getting there early so you can spend the whole day in the park and avoid peak times!

After we were finished admiring the flowers and they turned their head in another direction following the setting sun we headed back to our first spot on Seeberg view point to get some soft light shots before the flowers dozed off for the night. I must just stress the fact that this area wasn’t very dense with flowers with a lot of open sandy mounds and patches of ground so when I did go in I was very careful not to step on a single flower. I was actually a bit disgusted earlier in the day when a German tourist didnt want to simply wait on the path for people to pass and decided to trample a new path to his car all the way through the pretty flowers. I could almost hear them crying and I had to hold my tongue not to say anything. What is the point of getting out into nature if you don’t have any respect for it?

Read more about the West Coast National Park on the Sanparks Website.

Photos by Life Of Mike

IMG_7011  IMG_7015IMG_7012

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