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What To Pack For A Mini Camping Trip


This year Michael and I have decided that we will go on more spontaneous one night camping trips to places close to Cape Town. We started off this resolution by heading to Theewaterskloof for a night which is about an hour and 30 min outside Cape Town and just 30min from one of our favorite little towns, Franschhoek.

3R8A1176We had camped there before in Winter and we knew it was pretty awesome, especially for capturing stars which is what Michael had in mind as it was new moon. Cape Town was extremely windy so it wasn’t ideal to set up a tripod so we thought this would be an awesome little photo adventure as well as a reason to get away from the wind.

When we got there we realised that the lady we phoned about the weather must have not even glanced outside as there was a constant annoying and pretty strong wind blowing at the Yacht club camping site. Instead of being really upset we just said screw it and made it into a windy adventure. I made a cool little fire fort for our night time fire and tried to be zen outside our tent while the wind blew my hair into a tangled mess.

We had so much fun though so it just goes to show its not always about where you are or what you do, its more about who you are with and your attitude towards life!


Packing for a quick camping getaway isn’t always easy so I thought I would share a few of the things we take with on ours!


Tent ( we have a Panorama 3 man one )
Sleeping bags
Air mattress
Pillows ( we always take our pillows from home )


Vonkie ( it’s a mini outdoor braai if there are no braai facilities )
Cutlery and plates
Camping cups
Pot to boil water for coffee or a little camping gas cylinder and camping pots.
Dish cloth


Camping chairs
Cooler box
If you are a photographer always have a checklist of equipment, batteries etc before you leave!
Car cellphone charger and cords
Warm clothes for night time ( even when its hot you never know if it might get super chilly at night! )
Extra pair of contact lenses if you are like me and you cant see without them.
Mozzie repelent

We buy most of our camping goodies from Cape Union Mart

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