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Exploring World of Birds in Hout Bay

World of Birds is a little gem deep in the heart of Hout Bay in Cape Town. Its the largest bird park in Africa and a wildlife sanctuary that is home to over 300 different species and over 3000 birds!

What makes it pretty amazing is that it was founded in the 70s and has since then gotten no financial help from anyone except donations from some amazing people.

This time our visit wasn’t only for fun but we did a Facebook Live for Facet Travel By Tastemade and if you want to watch it I will link it down below. It was a pretty funny facebook live as we started in the Monkey Sanctuary where there are about 30 very mischievous squirrel monkeys hopping about!

They climbed onto our heads and one even tried to look up my skirt, Michael obviously got that on the live! Its a very popular spot in world of birds but you have to check when its open as they only let people in at certain times. You can only also sit and watch, strictly no touching or petting of the monkeys and they have a few awesome volunteers checking that everything is fine at all times.

A lot of the animals and birds they have are either rescues or handicapped and they get all the care they need from World of Birds!

I feel like I could lose hours inside there looking at all the colourful birds and laughing at the funny Meerkats and Alpacas! The one Alpaca had teeth that stood out so far and the other one definitely won the award for coolest haircut! Michael loved all the birds of prey and we were lucky enough to be there for feeding time which we had never seen previously.

Its also cool to note that they are open 365 days a year from 9-5 so whenever you visit they will definitely be open!

Check out entry fees and more info on their website.



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