Hotelflix and chill at the President Hotel

A staycation in the middle of Winter is always welcome right? Mike and I recently had a cosy night at the President hotel in Bantry bay and we had all the fun ( and all the snacks! )

The reason for our stay was to check out their brand new entertainments solution called Hotelflix. This new feature allows you to log in to your favorite apps and stream them to the tv in your room.

It is beyond easy to do as well because who has time for complicated instructions when there are snacks to be eaten and movies to be watched! You just have to log in to their free wifi and follow the prompts on the tv screen. It takes all of about 5 minutes and then you are all set!

We cuddled up under blankets as it was pouring down outside and watched some new movies on Netflix that we hadn’t had the time to check out yet. It was definitely beyond blissful.

I absolutely love it when hotels stay up to date with the latest technology to bring their guests awesome things like this!

It wasn’t easy getting of our couch for dinner but it was beyond worth it. We opted for a bottle of red wine ( I loved their extensive wine list! ) and a two course meal skipping the dessert because we had all the chocolate in our room.

We ended off our night streaming some of favorite youtube videos and it was so awesome because the quality and speed was perfect!

For more information on HotelFlix or to make a reservation email, contact 021 434 8111 or visit


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